Gambia Cricket Association’s President Awarded in South Africa

The President of the Gambia Cricket Association, Mr. Jonny Gabriel Gomez was recently presented with an awarded by the International Cricket Council (ICC) for his long service to cricket at ICC Annual General Meeting held in Johannesburg.

The award presented to Mr. Gomez, is reserved by the ICC for only Presidents and very influential individuals in the world of cricket.

Upon his return from South Africa, the President of the Gambia Cricket Association, Mr. Johnny Gomez presented his award to the Executive Director of the National Sport Council. Following the presentation, Executive Director of the NSC, Mr. Marchel Mendy, expressed his delight and pride to be associated with the award. He congratulated Mr. Gomez for his commitment to the development of cricket and urged him to maintain the momentum.

While Mr. Gomez, who is also a member of African and West African Cricket Councils, thanked the ICC for recognizing his efforts, he commended the unflinching support of the Ministry of Youth and Sport through the National Sport Council.